It’s already here, and it is absolutely FREE!

On iOS and Web, Android is coming


Real Time Conversation

YOTYPE is an application for real time communication between involved parties through typing text and expressing emotions on mobile devices and/or the web. Users of YOTYPE are able to see on their screens whatever the other user is typing in real time.

YOTYPE is meant to mimic real time physical conversations between people where the involved parties converse in a sequence: one has to wait for the other user to finish typing and only then s/he is able to reply. Thus the “sender” has access to a keyboard, while the “listener” only has a line of emotion symbols to converse with. At the end of the message, when the listener becomes the sender, the access to the keyboard and the emotion symbols is reversed.

Live Emotions

Engage in the conversation while your friend is typing: feel free to express emotions and moods through sending non textual messages to him/her in the form of smileys, symbols, characters, photos, animations, emoticons.

Smart Contacts

YOTYPE fabricates a specific contact list for you based on other applications you are using, location, native contacts in the device used, other mailing applications, etc. Select any to either converse or to invite to join!

Intelligent Notes

Conversations are deleted 10 minutes after being seen by the “listener”: however you may choose to save them. The application may be set to autosave specific info (e.g. email addresses, web addresses, etc), allowing users to focus on the conversation itself. The conversation or any part of it can be saved and/or sent by email or through other means to any third party with the permission of all the involved users.


What is YOTYPE?

YOTYPE is an application for real time communications, between involved parties, through typing text on mobile devices and/or the web. Users of Yotype are able to see on their screens whatever the other user is typing in real time.

How can I connect with someone?

Once the person is selected, left swipe the screen using arrows next to the name of that person. In case the person is not responding, use the bell to ring him/her up. You may leave a message for the other party to read whenever they start using the app.

Can I type while the other party is typing?

Users may only type in sequence; one of them is always a “listener” and may type only after the other one is finished typing. Nevertheless, the listening party may express emotions using the symbols of YOTYPE that, once sent, would be appearing on the screen of the typing party.

How do I know whether my contact is available to chat?

We use colors to display the status of your contacts: green means the person is available for conversation, yellow means the person is not active, red is displayed when one has a pending message.

Is YOTYPE available in different languages?

Currently YOTYPE is available for English, Russian and Korean, other languages are coming.

How to join?

You may register using your email address and password, or with FB, Google+ or Twitter accounts.